What does Renewal Funds’ Joel Solomon look for in a pitch?

September 8, 2016

As 'clean money champion' Joel Solomon is quick to point out, between 30 and 50 trillion dollars will be migrating to younger, values-driven investors and entrepreneurs in North America in the coming years. This massive sea change will bring with it incredible opportunities for developing new products and services.

As Forbes says, Solomon wants to reinvent capitalism. Indeed, he has deep roots in the values-driven business space. Since we first met  (when I started my green ad agency back in the heady Al Gore days) I've seen his Renewal Funds foster scores of early growth stage companies.

Now, on the cusp of launching his book Green Money Revolution, I thought I'd ask Joel what he looks for in an investment pitch (he hears about one a day). His answers belie both conventional priorities - a strong business case and understanding of the market - with the necessity of demonstrating innovation in the sustainability and social equity space.

If you're building a values-based company, this is essential listening!


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