What does Vancouver Founder Fund’s Fraser Hall look for in a pitch?

December 6, 2016

Fraser Hall is a breath of fresh air.

Like many investors, he's also an entrepreneur (having founded, among other things, a very James Bond-ish company named Recon Instruments). He has a soft spot in his heart for animals, as many of us do. Even here, though, he stands apart - his resume includes several campaigns as Captain of the Sea Shepherd

He's a partner at Vancouver Founder Fund, an investment firm with a refreshing perspective. As Fraser says "VFF is a reaction to our personal experiences working with investors who added relatively little value to the businesses we were launching. We're founders, and we're here for founders."  He's a contrarian by nature, friendly to a fault, and an extremely entertaining interview.

Ready to hear what Fraser looks for in a pitch? Have a listen.


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